Unarmed Self Defense Techniques

Well, who would have known? Who would have ever thought, that I, Papa Dave, would be discussing a topic unrelated to holsters, guns, ammo, firearms training, etc. Miracles never cease! …and that really is the truth!

But here I am responding to a need I didn’t expect I’d ever be addressing…unarmed self defense techniques, can you imagine? I must be truthful, I do not intend to discuss various techniques, I have been exposed to one and I am confident I am doing you a service if I tell you about it.

Responding to New Need                                                                                                                                                I have had responses from readers who live in places in the world where the possession, no less the carrying of a firearm, is absolutely forbidden by anyone not military or police; hence, it seems unreasonable to leave our international friends without any means of self defense. Let’s be truthful, there are bad guys everywhere and while the police try, it is just not possible for them to be everywhere every time they are needed. Fact of the matter is, while at times the police are able to scare off the perpetrators with lights, sirens and even physical presence, the vast majority of the time they normally show up to clean up the mess and to write the reports.

How to Respond to Societal Restrictions
So, what can you do if you live under such societal restrictions? First answer is, “I don’t know.” (Which triggered my memory, you see as a healthcare provider I’ve tried over my thirty year career to be as honest as possible; hence, I realized early on that no doctor has all the answers, therefore I frequently found myself beginning to answer a patient question with the phrase “Well, I don’t know, but based on my knowledge and experience I would suggest…blah, blah, blah”). Well here I am again starting with the same premise. Never having lived under such conditions I am only theorizing…assuming I speak with some type of knowledge…but you know what that means, don’t you?

First Always, Avoid Trouble
Part of being a responsible good citizen, I believe, is preparing yourself to take care of yourself and your family.  So to me that means making decisions as to where to go and where not to go…said another way, stay away from trouble. If I know a certain area of town, a specific restaurant or bar or even a sporting event is likely to have a higher percentage of bad guys there, I’m not going there. The best defense is a audience-547372__180good offense…avoid trouble if you possibly can. Now some people just aren’t able to fore go the crowds and excitement, but that is not me. While I’m sure there is a lot of fun to be had, I just won’t take the chance of being in a potentially unmanageable crowd…perhaps my exposure to psychology says avoid…who knows? If you are one of those who can’t fore go such events, then you have to learn to be hyper vigilant about your surroundings…what others are doing, is the “mood” of the crowd changing significantly? You have to keep your finger on the “pulse” of your environment and just because I carry a weapon does not give me the right to go where I believe the potential is greater that I’ll have to deploy it. My opinion is to stay away from problem places, people and events; I’ve even avoided certain family members because of their volatility.

What Really Is Your Goal
Next, consider that even under the of best circumstances, one can not always “get to your weapon before trouble gets to you”; hence, I have studied unarmed self defense techniques…not with years of judo or the like, but I review training videos and practice a very limited set of skills in the event I am unwilling or unable to deploy my weapon and my life is seemingly in danger. wolf-383928__180Therefore, understand, the few techniques I have learned and practiced are only those which would have the exact same effect as using a weapon…these techniques would only be used IF I BELIEVED MY LIFE OR THE LIFE OF A LOVED ONE/INNOCENT PERSON WAS IN JEOPARDY…what do I mean? The effect of their use would be to totally stop the threat even resulting in the demise of the aggressor if they would not cease…I believe we always fight back, never lay down to aggression (except in one very specific religious circumstance but that is not the topic here). When the goal at hand is to meet lethal force with lethal force one only needs two or three very precise moves at very specific targeted area of the body (no I am not speaking of a groin kick) to totally incapacitate/disable. Remember, I have no desire to injure another person; therefore, I will avoid concerts, sporting events, restaurants, areas of town and other fun things so as not to put myself and family in harms way.

Target Focus Training

Target Focus Training (TFT) by Tim Larkin

The best program I have come across (actually the only one I’ve reviewed because it was referred to me by a firearms training facility of which I am a life member), is the TARGET FOCUS TRAINING. The information provided with the packaged says this,

“It’s the stuff NOBODY else in the self-defense world will even talk about. How to cause as much damage as a bullet using your bare hands.”

I grew up in a big city, I believe it was 4 to 6 million when I was young. There were times on the walk to school I’d have to pretend to be physically handicapped (limping) as I turned a corner unsuspectingly walking straight into a gang of hoodlums…eight or nine guys, two or three years older then me…I learned quick. At our religious school we were taught gentlemen didn’t fight…but I also learned sometimes the fight comes to you…so therefore don’t fight like a gentleman…fight to end the fight. That was my goal then and that’s my goal now.


Have To Deal With the Hand You’ve Drawn
I’m not young anymore and while I was never the athletic type, I always felt I had the strength and dexterity to handle most of what would come my way. As I aged I realized my physical strength and power was not going to cut it anymore…fact is, either one of the young men above could probably do me some serious damage without a great deal of effort…that is, unless and until I felt my life was in danger, grandfather-153659__180then with my exposure to the above training system, I would seriously feel sorry that the poor kid had the misfortune to choose to pick on this “fat old man”.  I have a confidence that I could deliver a very few hits that would turn the tide (sort of a miserable topic, isn’t it) but that is what we are talking about…lethal force for lethal force or surviving in a very hostile, mean-spirited world.

It’s Not All Bad News
Don’t get me wrong, the topic isn’t necessarily fun but it is part of reality…it is not ALL of reality…I love life, I live in a relatively safe wonderful small city, people are by and large pretty good and while I do not like the way our culture, or lack thereof, has gone in the past fifty years, I do not live under the oppression and fear so many encounter daily.

IF YOU DO and YOU OFTEN FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE  or SAFETY, then turn up the volume for here are some serious self-defense training using 15 of the most dangerous moves known…this is not for the squeamish, CLICK HERE.

I am forced to remember so many others who have it far worse then I do. If my topics and/or rantings bring you down…that is not my intention.

What’s your take on this topic?


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12 thoughts on “Unarmed Self Defense Techniques

  1. Thanks for writing an article on unarmed self defense techniques. This is beneficial for anyone who is unable to carry a weapon, such as in places where it’s illegal to do so. In addition, I really like your first piece of advice. Avoid trouble when you can. When I think about my life, the times when I encountered danger is when I put myself in the wrong situation. Dangerous situations were always preceded by my decision to be in the wrong place or respond irresponsibly, such as escalating a situation. When I was younger, I would get offended when someone honked or cut me off in traffic. I can remember foolishly getting out of my car to confront someone. Fortunately, I was not carrying a firearm at the time. As I get older, I have learned to approach situations from a calm and peaceful perspective. This keeps me safe and out of trouble.

    1. Oh, Peter! Do I ever identify with you. I can’t tell you the number of times my testosterone used to get the best of me and I too would leap out of the vehicle only to have my wife yelling at me, “Your gun, leave your gun” and I’d run back to the car and throw it into the back seat…let’s talk stupid, irresponsible, foolish…I actually had a gun. But I didn’t want to kill, or certainly not be killed, I just wanted to puff out my chest and “rant and rave”. When I was in “that condition”, it never occurred to me the other guy could have a gun or a knife or a big dog…whatever, blinding anger is so…blinding. Thank God for His mercy, and the benefits that naturally come with getting older. Life is better now, I no longer feel I have to prove my masculinity…hell, I don’t even have hair on my calves anymore, so I’m surely no threat to anyone unless they force me to become one. Life IS better, now! Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  2. Dave,
    This is a lesson that we all will need going forward. The world is different now than when I was younger. Self defense or helping others is a reality in today’s world. The techniques of self defense is something that everyone should learn.

    1. John, Thanks for your insightful comments. It is regrettable that things have come to this. Surely it is nothing new, it just seems it is more pervasive than it used to be. When we were young, we were told by our parents and family to avoid this neighborhood or that neighborhood but today, the neighborhoods have spilled over and we have to be cautious everywhere…even in church.

  3. Hey, Papa Dave. This article and the Target Focus Training package I would say would be especially useful for the good law-abiding people here in Chicago. It’s illegal here to carry firearms. But gang members–which there is a large number of–carry them whenever and wherever they want. It doesn’t seem quite fair. If I could, I would distribute that training package to every person here who would want and need it.

    But unfortunately it would help only so far. Bullets here strike people in all types of places and circumstances, like a woman sitting in her home watching TV and a bullet coming through her window, a child being struck while sitting inside a car, and the list goes on and on.

    It’s so sad because people here are so fed up–the citizens, the police, the mayor, the city councilmen and women–but don’t quite know what to do about it. They march, make speeches, add more cops to the streets, try to bring gangs into truces with each other, and still the violence goes on–gang members shooting at each other in the streets and instead of getting their intended targets, they strike innocent people. This goes on in the day as well as night. It’s not all over the city though; some places are better than others.

    This last horror story I want to share is one other example of what it is we here in Chicago are up against. Several years ago, a gang member got on a crowded bus with mostly high school students on their way home. There was a rival gang member on the bus. This idiot began shooting in the direction of this guy he wanted to kill. Instead of doing that, he shot and killed an innocent teenage boy.

    Guns are prevalent in our city, but they are in the hands of the wrong people. These gangs (mostly from teenage years to early 20s) do not know the first thing about using the numerous weapons they possess. The ONLY thing that would stop so much violence in our city is when these young men decide to stop it and do something constructive with their lives. And that’s too bad for the rest of us here because it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.

    As you can see, I get a little carried away when talking about this topic. It’s just that I’m so angry about it. And like everybody else here, I don’t have any answers.

    Your site is important! And so much information. There are a few things I already know from my years as a Marine, a lot of the rest I’m looking forward to reading and learning about. Very good site, papa Dave!


    1. Hey Rich!
      Thanks for taking the time to paint a picture for others throughout the world of what it looks like to live in a metropolitan city the size of Chicago where guns are only in the hands of the criminals and the police. There are those who believe collecting the guns will solve the problem but the problem is not the tool, the problem is the wickedness and hatred in the heart…the lack of a conscience.
      Archie Bunker, in one episode of All In The Family from the 1970s responded to “Meathead’s” challenge as to how to handle someone with a gun trying to hijack a plane, responded “Give everybody a gun as they get on the plane and let’s see what fool would stand up and declare ‘take this plane to Cuba'” Well, I’m not sure Chicago has the guts to do that. Surely, to some of the most severe hardened criminals the fact that the other guy may take him out wouldn’t matter…but to others, nobody usually wants to die and the thought of bullets coming back at you from many sources might actually be a deterrent. What I know is, while no place is absent crime and wonton killing…it isn’t common nor routine where I live in the South and you can be sure, if you’re in a restaurant, Walmart or a filling station, there’s a real good chance some good-guy or gal is nearby with a weapon.
      Actually, a few months ago a group of teenagers attacked a man in Memphis (across the State from where I live) who was helping an old woman get to her car and he fought them off and got to safety…all the while fully armed with a handgun BUT he recognized the group of kids were only teenagers and he decided not to draw his weapon…now there’s a real man.
      I certainly don’t have all the answers but I left Illinois back in 1990 for greener pastures. Take care, keep your eyes open and be safe.

  4. HEY Dave, your website is very informative and it teaches me about gun which I barely knew anything about it until I read your article.Way to go and I bet alot of them will learn alot from your site.

    1. Thanks, Sugenthi! I appreciate you taking the time to review some of the info on my website. I sure hope the information I provide rings true with those who come my way. I wish you the best! Stay safe! PapaDave

    1. I appreciate your comments, Michael, as always! You are keenly acute in your observation. It would be my goal to only discuss guns, holsters, etc….that’s the stuff of my hobby interest; however, some have visited the site where such interests are forbidden by local authorities and I realized I had to figure out how to aid them in self-defense issues as well. Fact is, while the weapons are my interest, I too have taken the time to prepare myself in the event trouble would ever find me when I wasn’t armed; hence, I actually had information to share. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Be safe! PapaDave

  5. Hi Dave,

    Great article on unarmed self defense techniques. I really liked your advice to avoid trouble whenever you can. In today’s world where anything can happen at any moment, it’s a very wise thing to learn self defense. I really loved going through each and every one of them. I’ll be sharing this! People really should be educated regarding this.

    Warm Regards,

    1. Thanks, Karthik for visiting my site and taking the time to share your thoughts. I do appreciate you sharing it with others. As to your appreciation of the principle of avoiding trouble whenever you can, there is an old saying…perhaps written elsewhere on my site, “the best fight is the one never fought”. Live in peace, keep your eyes open and be safe! PapaDave

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