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The ‘bang’ Causes Varying Reactions!

Greetings, Friends! It’s been a while since I posted. In the past I’ve presented to you various topics related to being a responsible concealed carry permit holder…topics included weapon selection, holsters, dry fire practice, training videos, situational awareness, how to avoid conflict, etc…all, plus many others, have been part of my process of aiding you in being responsibly armed. Be sure to go back and check them all out.
Today though, I’ve decided to get a little more personal. Truth be told, there is more to being prepared than just the equipment you secure and the training you accomplish…there’s also the issue of you. What condition are YOU in? What condition do you need to be in to make you a benefit to others and yourself as a person who carries a concealed weapon?
As a health care provider, when I read the attached article on metabolic imbalances, I knew I had to offer the essential ideas to you and I immediately contacted the author for permission to share it, I was indeed grateful when he agreed.

In reading the following it may help you to know that the Adrenal Glands sit on top of each kidney, like a little snow cap, and are known as the Stress Glands. Their first job is dealing with stress and inflammation, in addition they assist the Thyroid in regulating the activity of the heart and they also have a specific impact on ligament integrity. All of the words in parenthesis refer to specific metabolic imbalances. So, let’s get to it.
Imagine you are enjoying dinner with friends at a fine restaurant. The place is packed, maybe a little noisier than you’d like, but the ambiance is festive, you and your friends are caught up in the spirit, and the food is absolutely out of this world.


Suddenly —

BANG…BANG!!!!!!!!!!! —

gunshots pierce the air!!!

How does the crowd react? How do you react?
Initially every person in the restaurant responds with an identical stress response — Instantly — the pupils dilate and there is an inspiratory gasp for air. Simultaneously, the heart is off to the races, rapidly pounding with greatly magnified pulse pressure. That inspiratory gasp is followed by rapid breathing. The fingers turn to ice and the face blanches as blood is shunted to the muscles. And that scrumptious meal that had pleasantly filled your tummy? — turned to a lead ball, as your digestive system is totally paralyzed. What are we witnessing here?


86 people are simultaneously doing their best to mount a hormonally mediated stress response —


But now, all 86 people have their own unique response. And this is where a more recent concept, known as biological individuality, comes into play. As the man who just fired the shot bolts for the door, and the man who has been wounded slumps to the floor …
– a linebacker-type (sympathetic) nails the criminal with a flying tackle, wresting the weapon from him
– a terrified waiter (sympathetic) sprints to the kitchen in escape
– a woman (glucogenic) jumps to her feet, only to experience orthostatic tachycardia, and passes out
– another woman (parasympathic) experiences sympathetic failure, goes vagal, and passes out
– a man (parasympathetic) sitting right behind the wounded victim catches a glimpse of blood and loses his dinner all over the floor
– one man with perfectly balanced metabolism and another with a tendency toward imbalance (anaerobic), each with permits to carry concealed, pull their guns — fully prepared to defend their family and friends against  further attack
– a guy who has driven himself to imbalance (ketogenic) and destroyed his thyroid
by competing in triathlons sits there trembling for a long time after the crisis has passed.

Does everyone in the restaurant suddenly suffer from “adrenal stress”? Absolutely. Do all 86 people need to be on herbal drugs “good for the adrenals” to prepare them for such adrenal stress? Absolutely not.

Quantitatively, the strength and duration of the adrenal stress response varies tremendously from one person to the next. But those who suffer ill effects during the 30 seconds of crisis and in the several minutes after it is clear the crisis has passed, are not victims of adrenal stress, but victims of whatever metabolic imbalance they carried with them into the restaurant.

A certain percentage of the people in that restaurant have a Sympathetic Imbalance — chronic catecholamine adrenal medulla stress. How do they respond to the frightening trauma of an assault right before their eyes? There is a tremendous outpouring of stress hormones, and those people will remain in a heightened state of adrenal stress and imbalance long after the crisis has passed. It may take hours to settle down to baseline, which is, in these metabolically imbalanced people, already an excessively high catecholamine state.

These are the people for whom the cavalier diagnosis of “You have adrenal stress” is actually at least partly accurate. These people go through life as if there are gunshots being fired all around them, driving all aspects of their lives. These people may be hypertensive; exhibit impulsive and explosive emotionality; there will frequently be brief periods of frantic exhaustion followed by a rebound into an unsustainable physiological drive.
Do those with such an exaggerated stress response with either normal or equally exaggerated adrenal cortex response need an herbal drug “good for adrenal stress”?

Remember this…
“IT” is always the “adrenals”, and —
“IT” is never the “adrenals”.
Another way to think of this is …
But — you never need to consciously, separately treat the adrenals.
Every single NUTRI-SPEC Metabolic Imbalance relates to adrenal function — both as cause and as effect of that Imbalance. Every single breakdown in Vital Reserves being addressed with the “live longer stronger” Diphasic Nutrition Plan involves an attempted defense by the adrenals.

So, how did YOU respond to the gunshot? — Your pupils dilated, you gasped, then your heart rate and respiratory rate took off — identically to all 86 in the crowd. But what “your adrenals” did after those first 10 seconds was purely a function of Your Vital Reserves + Your Metabolic Balance which equals

Adaptive Capacity refers to your own abillity to adapt to the challenges of your life. You may have Dysaerobic adrenals, and your spouse may have Glucogenic adrenals. One of your friends has both Parasympathetic and Dysaerobic adrenals, while another has Parasympathetic and Anaerobic adrenals.
The way each of you feels in that first 10 seconds, in the first 10 minutes, and in the next 10 hours after the gunshot is entirely a function of your state of Vital Reserves and Metabolic Balance.
The key to maximizing productive reactivity and minimizing reactive stress when confronted with extreme stressors is not to supplement daily with “good for the adrenals” this or that. No, the answer is keeping your metabolic machinery functioning at optimal efficiency at all times — with one or more specific metabolic-correcting protocols.
A gunshot in a crowded restaurant may seem like an absurdly extreme basis for a discussion on stress and the stress glands. But that seemingly outrageous illustration makes the point perfectly — if the acute adrenal response to what might be a once in a lifetime stressor is not a clinically significant entity, then the day-to-day fluctuations in adrenal action certainly are not cause for you to resort to “spice rack nutrition”. (Except in the case of autoimmune adrenal disease or extreme prolonged abuse such as being tortured in a prisoner of war camp), it is not a problem in the least that adrenal glands are jumping up and jumping down and jumping all around in response to all the stressors of daily living. That is precisely what they are designed to do. They are our …


Whether the adrenal response is successful or unsuccessful, appropriate or inappropriate — they are doing exactly what they “think” they are supposed to do, and doing it to the extent they are capable. What they “think” they must do, and their capacity to succeed, are entirely dependent on each individual’s “metabolic milieu”. — the foundational state of Metabolic Imbalance that sets the stage for adrenal action.
Never give another thought to your Adrenals other than to be certain they have what is necessary to function properly and adequately by insuring you have sufficient Vital Reserves and Balanced Metabolism. It is my opinion such expert advice in this area is best achieved by seeking out a consultation with a health care practitioner trained in the Nutri-Spec system of metabolic testing.

Dr. Guy Schrenker, a Chiropractic physician from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. is the founder and developer of Nutri-Spec Metabolic Testing and the primary contributing author of the above article. I have used Dr. Schrenker’s system for about eight years and I can highly attest to its effectiveness. This is a protocol directed at looking for fundamental metabolic imbalances and nutritionally correcting them. For information, go to: http://www.nutri-spec.net/.