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Wall Gun Safe

Been out of contact for a bit but I wanted to briefly discuss the topic of a wall gun safe. As I’ve mentioned before, while I started this website discussing holsters, it soon became obvious there were many more associated topics others were interested in learning about.

The reason we must discuss the topic of gun storage is because most people who own guns usually have more than one. There was a time in my life when I only owned one gun and wouldn’t even have thought of the need for more than one. Almost like the guy who has his first tool kit…he’s got a screwdriver, really, how many screwdrivers does a guy need? Well if you encounter one screw every six months, the one screwdriver will probably do; but if you intend to really get involved in the process of fixing, repairing, building, etc….it doesn’t take long before you realize there are hundreds of screws and using the wrong screwdriver may well destroy the head of the screw, turning a simple job into a nightmare.

Now I know the analogy is a little limp but it still does apply. When my one gun was used for defense of the home…the one would do; however, when it became a carry weapon for self-defense the number of factors in the equation multiplied…clothing, access, caliber, etc, etc. On top of that is the propensity for one to begin to “like guns”…if you have the bug you understand. The old saying then applies “two is one and one is none”.

Nevertheless, the process of storing one’s guns eventually becomes multi-faceted, like the screwdriver issue. Off the top of my head I can think of numerous different methods I use to store my weapons. I have a combination safe, mounted holsters, decorative boxes, picture frames, chairs, bathrobes, a wall safe, even boots that all have been used to store or conceal a weapon. Now I am not saying I have a weapon in each of these locations all the time…what do you think I am nuts?!

Anyway, I like to “hide” or store my weapons in ways that make them easily accessible and hidden in plain site. We know the robbers are going to go for the combination safe because it’s very presence screams “valuables”. So let them spend precious minutes working on it, while the guns are sitting only a few feet away.

A wall safe is a horse of a different color. It has concealability as part of it’s very character…hidden behind a picture frame, a mirror, a door; heck, the possibilities as numerous as the variety of screws.

My own wall safe I constructed myself. When I decided to figure out a way to store my guns out of sight yet not in a large steel safe, I went to YouTube and did a search on “hidden storage spaces”. Now I have to warn you, don’t do this search when you are pressed for time because this is one search that is going to open up a world to you you might not have even imagined.

Oh yeah! there is also a wall gun safe that can be purchased and either installed by professionals or do it yourself. Either way, there’s a lot of unused space between those walls. Stay safe!