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More At Home Training

As promised, I am adding more options for at home training. This time I’m moving away from the electronic/mechanical and moving more to the use of Laser Target Practice Systems that are computer assisted.

The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense

But before I get into those specifics, I want to mentioned something else. I have been exposed to a truly valuable resource in the concealed carry self-defense arena. It has to do with a comprehensive training in understanding all aspects of concealed carry and self-defense. It is seven CDs divided into three parts: Mindset, Training and Gear and it is called The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense…now, that’s a mouthful. I am often asked where I gathered the knowledge I have. Truth be told, it started at around twenty-six years old and has been happening ever since…so, simple answer is “I don’t know where it all came from”. But the program I am mentioning is going to provide you with a very comprehensive exposure to so much, possibly more, than I have been learned over the years. Having been seen this program recently I purchased it and have every intention of sharing it with family, friends and members of my church community…it is one of the “gifts” I have, that I share with others. Again, it is called The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense. Look for a review of this program in short order.

Now onto other computer assisted Laser Target Practice Systems for your consideration.

L.A.S.R Laser Activated Shot  Reporter

I’d like to introduce you to, what I consider to be the top of the line in at-home dry fire practice, the L.A.S.R. Laser Activated Shot Reporter. While there are other computer assisted programs available, the vast majority of them are very expensive and considered by most to be realistically only affordable by those with a commercial interest. L.A.S.R., on the other hand, is within the financial reach of most individuals. It uses advances in the field of computer vision to “see” the laser from your training aide and record the exact location of your shot. This unique system also provides a shot timer for the added benefit of working on timed drills, as well as numerous other features and modes to help you get more from your dry fire training. L.A.S.R. is versicle and allows up to nine shooters at the same time. It’s strength is that it tracks shot time and placement and works with all laser training guns with red or green lasers. The laser gun or laser cartridge to fit your actual weapon would be additional…see the previous post for info on the laser gun and laser cartridges.

Operating system requirements: Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 or newer (Including Windows 7 or 8) CPU: 1.0 GHz or higher RAM: At least 2.0 GB of RAM Webcam.





At Home Training

I know this is not the primary topic of my website but there are factors associated with concealed carry that become glaringly significant as I decide what material to consider. After all, if one of my readers would not survive a hostile confrontation, their loss becomes part of our loss. So, as I continue building my niche, Carry Holsters 4 Professionals, there may come various times that I believe some other topic is more important than holster material, style or side of carry.

Today I want to discuss the topic of training at home…assuming you do not have a range in your basement or on your property. With the every spiraling cost and scarcity of ammunition these days, it is a stretch for the average person, even if he/she had the time, to handle the cost of regular visits to the gun range.

Dry Firing Method

The first method of home training would be the simple “dry firing” exercises. These require no more than some snap caps and a safe, controlled environment. The snap caps are “bullet-like” cartridges in the caliber of your gun that are placed in the weapon primarily to protect the firing mechanism, especially the firing pin. They are sold at most locations that sell firearms and gun supplies. If you are someone who prefers to purchase online, Amazon carries snap-caps but be careful, I’ve linked to Amazon for 9 mm snap caps but like everything else to do with firearms you have to get the size for your particular weapon. There are also books and tapes sold on how to properly develop an at-home dry-fire practice session…just remember, if you forget to remove a round from the chamber just once, someone could die.

Dry-Fire Training by Ben Stoeger

Hence, the reason there are books and other resources, so you don’t ever make that once-in-a-lifetime mistake. Dry fire is the simplest and most cost affective method of developing skill with your firearm.

Truth be told, everyone should engage in dry fire practice on a somewhat routine basis even if they decide to get into the other training methods and to assist you, you might consider the book noted by Ben Stoeger, Dry-Fire Training.


Dry Firing Electronically

There are those of us, though, who desire a more substantial training regimen than just stationary simple dry fire. Fortunately there are companies who provide services and products for gun enthusiasts  offering a number of rather sophisticated options for in home training. While there are systems costing thousands of dollars that can be installed in your basement recreation area or garage and more than likely require financing plans to afford; there are other products to be had by the vast majority of people that will normally be under the Five Hundred mark and it is these that I have decided to look into. The products I have noted will essentially go from least to most expensive and for your convenience I have provided links to what I consider to be the best source to purchase them.

LaserLyte Plinking Cans

LaserLyte Plinking Cans

These are three Plinking Cans you set up about your “shooting area”. Then using either the LaserLyte Pistol or the LaserLyte Trainer Cartridge (insert) you commence to target practice. When hit with a laser from any of the LaserLyte training cartridges or other laser trainer tools, the cans react by jumping up and falling over just as a real can would. This reaction is all powered by a 9V battery (included) and a spring loaded plunger released by a solenoid. To reset the cans, simply stand them up and depress the plunger. All this fun sells for just under $80 and if you find it at Amazon, sometimes you can get it used for even a sweeter deal.

LaserLyte Target Trainer

LaserLyte Target Trainer

This is a single LaserLyte Target Trainer system that responds to your accurate hits with a residual “red dot” on the target that you display by “hitting” one of the small targets below. The other small target allows you to reset the target from your shooting position… being smaller they also challenge your aiming since they are essentially the size the the 10 ring on the primary target. Since this Trainer does not have a weapon included, you would have to secure either a LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Training pistol or a Laserlyte Laser Trainer Cartridge in your weapon’s caliber (the one linked to is for 9 mm).


LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit

LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit

The LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit includes everything a shooter needs for realistic laser training anytime, anywhere. The Training Tyme Kit includes the LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Training pistol, the LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Target and the laserLyte Laser Trainer Pro.



LaserLyte Bullseye Target/Gun Laser Training Kit

LaserLyte Bullseye Target

The Bullseye Training Kit includes the LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Pistol, the LT-PRO universal pistol laser trainer and TLB-1 Laser Target. The Trigger Tyme Pistol is approximately the size of a Glock 23. The 5.5 lb. approximate simulated trigger pull has a take-up and break action just like a real firearm but the LaserLyte Trigger Tyme pistols cannot accept or fire real ammunition.


LaserLyte Triple Tyme Kit With 3 RT Targets

LaserLyte Triple Tyme Kit

Included in the LaserLyte Triple Tyme Kit are Targets (3), a Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol and a LT-PRO Pistol Laser Trainer. Everything anyone needs to train, teach or just have fun anywhere, anytime.



Other Products Soon

I will be researching other, more sophisticated, computer based programs to present in the near future. Be Safe and tell me what you think of this latest post.



Has this post been of any help to you? Do you currently have any home-based products to improve your skills? If not, are you considering getting any now?