Should Everyone Conceal Carry?

CorsetWhtLaceFrontWow! If you’ve been reading my other posts and checked out my website, I bet you think you know my answer to this question, especially if you read the post titled “Will You Actually Carry?”.

Ok, it’s no secret that I am fiercely committed to personal concealed carry and for promoting it among the vast majority of good, law-abiding citizens, most especially in the United States where our very Constitution guarantees this right. I’m in favor of Moms protecting their kids just as much as Dads and I don’t see much difference; hence, my many posts relating to concealed carry for women.

So, why now ask the question should everyone conceal carry? Simple. While everyone, in my opinion should, not everyone is willing to invest the time and effort to become proficient with a handgun. So many think all they have to do is get the permit, get the holster and the gun and when the problem arises, they will magically rise to the occasion. There’s a word for this but it’s not appropriate on this forum. Studies show we are half as good when under duress as we are on our best day at the range.

There’s a few old jokes out there. One is of the old lady who, at a county board meeting, goes up to the Sheriff and says, “Sheriff, I see you have your 45 strapped on, are you expecting trouble?” “No Mame”, the Sheriff replies, “If I was expecting trouble, I would have brought my 12 gauge.” Now that joke probably fell right on it’s face but here’s the point…no handgun is easily capable of doing the job of taking down a big, angry, drugged up ticked off man unless one delivers two rounds to the center mass of the chest for starters.

TargetRangeSo, you might say, “When I go to the range, I can easily do that.” Right, at the range. Nobody is threatening you, punching you, running after you, pushing you against the wall, going for your gun or strangling you AT THE RANGE! You pull the trigger as often as you like with the target sitting exactly where you put it. What if that target could come after you and began to attack you, moving all over the place…sounds stupid, I know. Here’s the fact…bad guys don’t quietly, unassumingly stand still for you to shoot them…that’s why they’re “bad guys”. In a matter of seconds, they’re all over you like, as they say “white on rice”. In three to five SECONDS the entire hostile part can START AND BE OVER…except the cleanup.

Yes, it is my intention to scare you. This is serious business…your life, the lives of your loved ones and the life of the bad guy, maybe even innocent bystanders, are on the line.

DON’T CARRY IF YOU’RE NOT COMMITTED TO PROFICIENCY UNDER ALL CONDITIONS. Nobody starts out with that type of proficiency but we all must be committed to ongoing skill improvement, as we progress on these topics, I will be discussing this one even further; of course, you could always just cower and decide to be the victim.

What is your plan to continually improved your proficiency or do you think what your State requires is sufficient?



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