OWB Holster


aka on the waistband holsters, are the ones with which we are most accustomed… these are the Policemanholsters that are commonly visible to the public. Uniformed patrol officers wear on the waistband holsters. Plainclothes police and federal agents commonly wear these; however, since they are in plainclothes, they often have them covered with a jacket or sports coat.

The ordinary citizen is permitted to utilize these holsters, just like the police, but in most states they would be required to keep the weapon concealed and when the state requires the weapon be concealed it usually means it is not to be “flashed” or “exposed” for any reason; hence, if your windbreaker flies open, there is the possibility a law enforcement officer could consider you cavalier regarding your concealed carry weapon and they could cite you. Do I believe that is likely? I do not, but you’d have to consider the laws of each state and keep in mind the possibility. It is for this reason, though I have several on the waistband holsters…remember my “holster” drawer…, I rarely will wear one since it is much harder to conceal the weapon without a jacket or coat being worn.

Strengths: Accessibility

Talon HK-VP9Weapons holstered in an on the waistband holster, such as the Talon HK-VP9… shown right…are going to be more easily accessible. Actually, so accessible that law enforcement style holsters are rated based on the holsters features that assist the officer in retaining the weapon. Different holsters have different retention features, from straps with snaps, to features that only allow the weapon to be withdrawn from a specific angle, to actual shields preventing withdrawal that must be released to draw the weapon (such as the holster worn by the police officer in the photo, top of article).

Weakness: Concealibility

As with all holsters, there are the strong points and the weak points, as I already said other than having the weapon in your hand the on the waistband holster is probably the strongest for accessibility. It is this strength which also lends to one of its weaknesses, because it is readily accessible to you, once the weapon is seen by your potential adversary,  it consequently becomes more readily accessible to them and your weapon may more easily to be wrestled from you since it is not squeezed tight between your body and your belt.

Wearing such a holster on your farm or private lands would be a no-brainer, it’s just in populated areas that the on the waistband holster could become an issue.

Remember, if you follow a link to view a holster, you have to be certain the holster you get fits your weapon.

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