In the Pocket

ITPI am very fond of this type of holster. There are many of them out there and the cost is relatively inexpensive. I have found that with the right holster the gun does not imprint at all, especially if you stick a change purse or some other item between the holster and the outside of the pant.

I especially like the fact that the weapon does not have to be removed when using the toilet. The downside is that normally a pocket holster limits the caliber one is able to carry. There is also the matter of rapid access. DeSantis makes a model similar to the one to the right, it is called the Superfly.

My personal favorite is the one below, made by DeSantis, because of it’s versatility…IWB with the plastic clip attached, ITP (inside the pocket) with the clip removed. The clip can also be adjusted for cant with an allen wrench (included). IWB+ITP

What I don’t particularly like about it is the plastic clip is one of the strongest clips I’ve ever used and it is a bear to open up and remove off the belt without removing the belt. This model is called the Sof-Tuck.

Always make sure you are getting the model appropriate for your weapon.

This past week the weather where I live has been in the high 90s…wow, I am grateful for pocket holsters? What do you wear when you can wear a lot of cover?




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