Belly Band

LadiesBBI have considered the option of a belly band holster. This keeps the weapon on the trunk of the body and completely eliminates the issue of removing the trousers for nature breaks because the gun is not attached to the pants.

The problem here can be an issue with concealment AND access. For this young lady, I think neither is greatly compromised if she wears an overhanging blouse.

For men, they make rather excellent shirts that have velcro sections that rip apart and if you’re slim that may work very well; however, for those more portly and carrying an extra amount of weight…that almost puts the gun butt sticking out as a third appendix to passers by and they may have better access to the grip then you do.

Body type and wardrobe are important in choosing to use a belly band or not.

So, what’s your favorite type of belly band, like the one above or do you use the regular elastic?


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