Gun Belts

sidearmNo, not that kind of gun belt.

I’m talking here of a high quality, thick leather belt capable of securing a weighty piece of equipment on your trousers and yet still dress quality.

Aker Leather B21

Think of the belt, or should I say, belts worn by patrolmen and women which are clearly thicker and a more heavy gauge than the average dress belt. Certainly their belts are not appropriate for civilian usage; however there are manufacturers of high quality gun belts for the average Joe or Jane.

Without belaboring the point, I just wanted to make you aware that there is more to the concealed carry lifestyle than merely “gun, ammo and holster”. On the wrong belt, the right holster’s characteristics can be lost.

I would suggest a good quality product such as the one made by Aker and sold by Amazon. You can check out the beautiful black or brown belts by clicking on the Aker belt image above or by clicking, here.

Do you agree? What belt are you wearing?


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