Do You Have a Secret?

PocketPantsToday’s well-dressed man or woman is oftentimes carrying a secret of which the vast majority are not aware…and I’m all for it; however, I am still concerned.

I am concerned that the vast majority of concealed carry permit holders do not fully understand half of the effects of stress when it comes to the body’s ability to perform adequately under duress.

While I am 100% behind the Second Amendment, I am not convinced that passing an eight hour course and a background check is enough to really guarantee safety for oneself, one’s family and other citizens should a handgun be deployed in a defensive emergency.

While the States have established the legal criteria necessary in order to issue permits, the moral imperative of capability in the areas of skill and knowledge can not rest with the State because the State is not in a position to train the average citizen to full competency levels; hence, the moral obligation rests with the individual.

Citizens with handgun carry permits need to step up and insure they are adequately skilled and knowledgeable in the use of their weapons. Otherwise they may be forced, under the most difficult of circumstances, to give an account of what efforts they made, or failed to make, to ensure their continued competency.

This is serious business…actually, deadly serious business and cautioned reason is certainly in order. I’ve established a website, to address these very issues, among others. I’ve sounded off.  Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Do You Have a Secret?

  1. Thank you for stressing the importance of getting adequate training before carrying concealed. It’s relatively easy to get a CCW permit, but that does not really qualify an individual to safely carry a weapon. In Pennsylvania, there are absolutely no training requirements to carry concealed, and that is a scary thing. I’m glad that your site is addressing this issue, as this is serious business and every bit of information is valuable.

  2. Hello, I’m a 41 year old female who is finally getting a CCW permit. I was shopping for a new hand gun with my father yesterday (quality time for us) and I expressed similar feelings to him, partly justifying the weapon I chose.

    The original pistol I purchased to carry wasn’t comfortable, so I didn’t end up getting my permit to carry it. The one I purchased yesterday was more comfortable, and it had an additional grip safety- I felt I needed that extra security because of the responsibility and power I am going to be carrying.

    That isn’t for everyone, however it will make me feel better and I understand it is my responsibility to take extra measures to match my experience level.

    1. Hi Stephanie H! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I would like to address one item in your comment…the grip safety. My own carry weapon has a manual safety but truth be told I rarely activate it. The reasons are: I and my weapon are always together and it is never left unattended for busy hands to access it and second, it is one more thing to remember if, God forbid, I’d ever need to use it. As you will note in other places on my site, I speak of the physiological effects of profound stress and the subsequent loss of fine motor skills, vision changes, heart rate, etc. All of which can result in the inability to effectively bring your weapon into service. Please check out my blog, I believe it is called “The BANG causes varying reactions!”. Now I note you did specify a ‘grip safety’. If by that you are referring to a safety which deactivates when you grip the weapon, excellent choice since no additional “steps” are required to bring the weapon into service. I will also note, several of my blogs deal with various forms of training, please check them out. I wish you the best! Be safe! Papa Dave

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