• IWB4IWB stands for Inside the Waistband, or a holster that is primarily covered by one’s trousers and belt, the gun butt/handle would protrude just above the pant line, normally a clip of some sort secures the holster to the belt over the top of the pants. You can see that if the individual wears even a light fabric shirt the gun, which is held close against the body, would be rather easily concealed.


  • OWBOWB stands for On the Waistband, or a holster that has belt loops through which you feed your belt, the entire holster is visible and only concealable with a jacket or heavy sweater.


  • SOBSOB refers to a holster that sits on the waistband via belt loops but is positioned  in the Small Of the Back usually with the butt of the weapon sitting up toward the primary hand. This would require a full cover to remain concealed.

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