Right or Left Handed

This distinction is really rather regrettable. The reason I say that is someone who is going to carry a weapon for self defense should be trained sufficiently to be able to handle and adequately operate the weapon with both hands. Permit me to give you an example.

chiropractic_adjustmentHaving lived in Davenport, Iowa and being exposed to the training of the Chiropractors at Palmer University of Chiropractic, I am aware the course of studies is such that the student doctors are trained, regardless of their dominant handedness, to develop the muscles on both sides of their bodies, they are trained to develop the speed necessary to deliver a “high velocity, short lever” thrust using either their right or their left hands. Why? Because people don’t just injure one side of their bodies. The fact is, the student doctors practice and practice and practice and are actually tested to be sure they are able to perform without injury to the patient or without denying the patient the benefit of an excellent adjustment. That is all done in order to improve the health of another human being.

In the carrying of a weapon, it is critical you do no more harm than is absolutely necessary to stop the threat; hence, you must be able to perform with both hands.

So the question really is not what hand you are but rather on which side of your body would you feel most confident having the weapon reside when it is not in use and from which you could most easily deploy it in the event you are forced to do so.



2 thoughts on “Right or Left Handed

  1. You make an interesting argument for learning to shoot equally well with both hands. I’m sure that there will be situations in which it’s advantageous to be able to shoot with either hand. As a right-handed shooter, I have never considered shooting with my left. Thanks for making me aware of this.

    1. Hopefully, you’ll never need to shot anything but paper but in the sad event you do, the “target” may be shooting back at you and incapacitate your primary shooting hand…always be prepared. The circumstance could also occur that you have to shoot around an obstacle where using your primary hand would over-expose your body. Just trying to help my readers think of as many things as possible to assist them in being prepared. Take a look at the review I did of The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide for Effective Self-Defense It is top shelf. Thanks for your comment.

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