Concealed Carry Purses For Women

Best Concealed Carry Method For Women

RugerFannyThe topic of concealed carry purses often comes up when discussing the best concealed carry method for women. There was a time when the available options for concealed carry purses was very limited…perhaps I should say, very, very limited. Actually, I believe there was a time when the only option was a fanny pack or a big old knitting bag. There is no doubt in my mind that women, in circumstances they considered dangerous for either themselves or their children, have for eons stuck their little 22s, 25s and 32s in their regular purses to handle the potential dangers…but that isn’t our topic here…here we deal with the aspects of assisting women with legal concealed carry options.

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Carry Purse Options Have Exploded Recently

Today, the landscape has changed drastically. In the last ten years or so I’ve read of women accessories designers who have left corporate America and started their own businesses designing fashion-sensitive carry purses for all types of ladies, from all forms of occupations…it is really quite unique.

Gosen Leather-Grey Carry Purse
Gun Tote’n Mamas Leather Flat Sac
Handbag Concho With Matching Wallet
Texas West Western Ostrich






Several years ago I remember my daughter engaging in a search for a concealed carry purse that would meet her needs as a health care professional. I can’t say, off the top of my head, what she decided upon or whether or not she made a purchase but I do know it was a topic of concern for several weeks.

Practicality of Concealed Carry Purses

The carrying of a weapon in a purse certainly makes clothing choices much easier…no concern for bulges or the weapon “imprinting”; however, having the weapon in a purse separates it from your person and this is problematic in that you must keep constant vigil as to the location of the purse. In addition, others have as much access to your weapon as you do unless you hold it fiercely against your body.

That behavior in itself might draw too much attention to your purse. Fact is, if you look at some of the pictures of the purses, they are almost made to strap over the shoulder with the body of the purse over the abdomen…probably a very comforting sense on a dark street late at night but a little strange in the middle of the work day. You must also consider thieves grab purses and run.

A Good Choice Among Limited Options

While there is certainly a place for a concealed carry purse, I would suggest they be used as a specialty item for when a tactical holster is not possible…sort of like a pocket holster for a man, limited access, small caliber but sometimes the only option.

Back to carry purses, It is regrettable but one does not have to think back very far to bring to mind some really tragic outcomes with a mother and her toddler using this carry method. Constant, vigilant control of one’s weapon is, I believe, the safest method of concealed carry for all involved.

Has the availability of the various methods of concealed carry influenced your decision one way or the other?


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    1. Hi, Jean! Following the advice of a few individuals I have added pictures, perhaps you’d consider stopping by again and telling me what you think…improvement or just fluff?

  1. hi!
    Well this is a new topic for me! I cannot say that I ever thought about having a concealed carry purse. I have worked in dangerous environments and still am but do not feel the need to have a weapon. I can understand how others might feel differently and feel reassured carrying a weapon. But as you rightfully stated, it comes with responsibilities and risks, especially if carried in a purse

    1. I appreciate your insights, Emily. Some have skills in one area and others have skills in another. From your comments I suspect you feel adept at negotiating your way through “hostile” circumstances, I applaud you for developing such a skill. Regrettably, many resort to weapons instead of developing good communicative skills, which is clearly a mistake. The best fight is the one avoided. Also, too many think that to have a weapon is to be skilled at it’s use…another major mistake. When lives are at stake, one’s own and others, it is wise to develop the necessary proficiency. I’ve added some pictures and would appreciate your feedback.

  2. Wow. I’d certainly be interested to see pictures of some of the different kinds of concealed carry purses there are out there as this article really opened my horizons to the fact that they exist.

    1. I have been working on trying to get more pictures options available for you to view, so far I’ve not come with much success but I will press on. Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. Interesting article on carry purses. These kind of purses haven’t crossed my mind before as to why I would need them. But, it’s definitely caught my attention though. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Teresa for your thoughts. I have taken the advice of several individuals and added some pictures to give a better user experience. Perhaps you would consider stopping by again and telling me what you think now.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Camille! A large concern I have is to help my readers put the horse in front of the cart, I don’t want to mislead or give poor advice…a lot hangs in the balance.

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