Concealed Carry Purses For Women – Price Differences

Price Variations
If you’ve been following along with the various posts related to concealed carry purses for women and spent any time researching product availability, you’ve probably noticed there is a wide gap between the lowest priced purse versus the highest priced models. This might lead you to question if it is only gun-related items that run so high or if there are actually some factors involved that might contribute to this reality.

Standard Variants
When I spoke to my wife about this topic she told me I had to consider the normal variants affecting the manufacture of various accessory items; such as materials, fabrics, zippers, snaps, hardware, amount and type of stitching. She said all this affects the cost to the manufacturer. She then told me what appears to be an identical blouse purchased from one store could easily be double at another.

The “Prada” Influence
The_devil_wears_prada_logotipoAll of that reminded me of the movie my wife “forced” me to sit through, “The Devil Wears Prada”. In one scene, Anne Hathway’s character is demeaning the “snootiness” of the “Prada” crowd only to be taken down by Meryl Streep’s character telling her that even the dowdy-double knit sweater she was wearing and bought at one of the cheap “marts” was a knock-off of the Prada line the year before. The cost of design, of style or fashion sense will certainly add to the cost.

The Tactical Influence
There is though another influence that might well be driving up the cost of a particular purse you are considering. The manufacturers who consider the best concealed carry methods for women are going to take into consideration the tactical situations an individual might encounter. You might find some purses have locking zippers or closures to protect your weapon against accidental exposure. PurseCC8

Another important addition is the use of a wire cable through the shoulder strap. This is valuable to protect against a potential “snatch and grab” event where the thief uses a knife to cut the purse strap off the victim’s shoulder. The wires are usually of sufficient grade to prevent cutting in this manner. Observe the presence of the cable in the above photo as well as the quality of the stitching and the anchoring to the hardware.

Hey be truthful, do you really care about the “look” of your purse or do you see it merely in a functional way, especially regarding the matter of concealed carry?




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