Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

What a wonderful thing to see so many women today asserting their willingness to assume responsibility for their safety and that of loved ones by developing the skills necessary to take up arms and be prepared if and when the need arises. It has long been a demonstrable fact that females generally exhibit much better skills with firearms than their male counterparts; hence, it is important to determine what is the most effective concealed carry holsters for women. Belle_Starr,_1886

Consider, in the photo above, one Belle Starr, known throughout all of Arkansas and other parts for her skill at arms and, obviously the size of her sidearm. I can assure you, considering the look on her face, I certainly wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.

Nevertheless, as a male writing for females, I had to consider whether or not I was the best person to write an introduction concerning concealed carry holsters for women. Since you are reading this, you may assume that, at least for the present time, I couldn’t find enough reasons why I shouldn’t or I couldn’t find a female willing to write it for me.

Other than my experience in my local church, I have very little experience wearing dress-like garments; however, today it has to be observed that many women do not either. (So, if you are a female not inclined to dresses or pant suits and much more comfortable in khakis and plaid shirts, feel free to consider all of the options I will be discussing with the men.) Of course, I am aware that there are professional women who routinely wear a skirt as part of their daily attire. Fact is, I am not so much concerned with the type of garments worn by women as much as the color and fabric types. Men generally wear darker and heaver fabrics then women do. I can’t tell you the last time I wore a sheer peach colored top or a pair of fitted pants where the outline of the pocket was clearly visible.

These issues are often resolved, I fear, by leaving the weapon in the center console or trunk of the car which, in my opinion, is a really big mistake. The other option too often employed by many is to keep the weapon in the purse. But just so you know there are numerous options, consider this option (see below) as a possibility…see, you don’t have to dress like old Belle Starr:


I have to admit, as I write, I believe I’ve got my work cut out for me. All I can say is, I have a lovely professional wife and a talented professional daughter…both of whom will, I hope, provide insights for me as I strive to assist you with your concealed carry dilemmas.

So, tell me what you think….are you willing to give me a hand on this topic, any personal thoughts? What do you think of the beautiful corset holsters pictured above, would you consider wearing one of them?

Share your thoughts or questions below.



12 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

    1. I appreciate your willingness to stop and give some feedback. As you may know, creating a website is a lot of work, so when someone compliments it, it really is quite a boost. Stop back often.

    1. Hi JK!
      I appreciate your question. The picture of the holster you asked about was for demonstration purposes for the most part. It took me a little time, but I found out where I had gotten it from…of all places, e-bay. As to where it is worn on the belly or the back, it can be worn in either location…your choice.
      I am attaching a link to the item on e-bay for your consideration. I wish you the best and keep safe! Here is the link:
      Stop back often and please send your friends as well.
      Papa Dave

  1. Hi: Your website draws you sense of humor and your extensive knowledgeable of guns and which one is the best one and where to carry it, etc. Thank you for the awesome information. Were you in the armed forces or police force yourself? Great job!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie for your comments. No, I was never in the armed forces or police force, I am however an “honorary” special deputy with our local county sheriff’s office. Truth be told, I’m not even that smart, I’ve just been around it so long something had to stick eventually and I just took a great delight in it…it was the hobby that reduced some of the stress of my careers…I am a professional in two entirely different areas…one for about thirty years and the other for the past fifteen. “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Again thank you for your comments.

  2. Hi
    I can read your passion and knowledge for guns.Personaly, i live in a country where guns belong with the police and some law authority and i hope it stays that way.Dont get me wrong i feel we have less criminality because guns are not readily available into wrong hands.
    that said, i love the corset so much.
    People who love guns will sure love your site.For me i got here by coincidence.Good work

  3. Are these available for purchase yet? Im interested in one as a stocking stuffer for my girlfriend. Please let me know via email provided. Thank you

    1. Keith, I’ve updated the links associated with the lace holsters. You’ll find if you click on the images it will re-direct you. Thanks for your interest. Keep safe! Papa Dave

  4. This is very interesting and useful as i happen to be in the market for such an item for a Christmas present. I feel these items are practicle because most women i know that conceal and carry throw the tool in their purse and leave their purse wherever making it useless.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is my opinion those who are comfortable with access to their weapon being hit and miss have never really come to grips with the reality associated with brute force, unbridled rage and the profound levels of potential wickedness in the “unconverted” human heart. A few youtube video searches should be of help or may I make the suggestion you provide access to my website to those you love. Perhaps another “voice” will be heard. Keep safe! PapaDave

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