Concealed Carry Holsters for Men

FourCowboysThere are times when I just wished it was acceptable to carry my weapon the way the cowboys used to do…you know, large, thick gun belt with the end strapped to the thigh. It certainly would make things easier. But that was for a different time. Today we have to contend with reality as it is and to deal with the challenges we face in finding good concealed carry holsters for men..

There was a time for me when I felt perfectly comfortable just having a weapon. I felt since I had the weapon and the bad guy didn’t (or I hope they didn’t), I was at a distinct advantage. Over the years, I have learned the foolishness of my ways. I have learned from many sources such things as:

  • In a gun fight, you are half as good as you are on your best day at the range
  • A gun fight can easily last less than one minute.
  • The effects of adrenaline tightens muscles, causes tunnel vision, shortness of breath and audio exclusion.
  • An average reaction time of 1.5 seconds is sufficient time for an attacker to cover 22 feet.

Do you get it? The vast majority of us carrying guns are woefully unprepared to handle even the simplest threatening circumstances. We buy a weapon, get a holster and some ammo, visit the range every few months and hit the streets. There are times, I wonder if some of us are more of a threat to the safety of society than the bad guys. This is the reason I take this subject very seriously. I study, practice as often as I can afford and I take training to make me more efficient, I try to learn what equipment will enhance my effectiveness rather than decrease it.

In my forty plus years as a gun owner, I can’t recall one article written which addressed some of the more practical issues that come up with the carrying of a handgun. For instance, any gun, except one in the pocket, has to be attended to while we attend to our business in the men’s room, especially at the great throne. If you remove it and place it somewhere…if you can find somewhere…there is always the concern that you might walk off without it (I know, only an idiot forgets his weapon…but fact is, it’s been done, ask the former school resource officer in Tennessee who left his gun in the little boys bathroom…notice I said “former”.); hence, I do not like removing my gun from the holster and sitting it anywhere.

But then there is the issue of trying to pull ones trousers up with the weight of the weapon on one side (without it falling out of the holster), the extra magazine weight on the other side while at the same time tucking the shirt and get things fastened…add an extra twenty pounds, or more, of belly fat and a cellphone and this becomes something only the great comedians would attempt to visualize to their audiences…a real task of “juggling!”…not to 103px-3-ball_Mills_messmention the potential danger of so much going on around A LOADED GUN….oooh, that’s a little bit scary.

So you see, there are many issues to consider when a person decides to carry a weapon for defense of self or others and there are a lot of options relating to concealed carry holsters for men.

In this forum I want to assist my fellow citizens in considering the various aspect of responsible concealed carry with a special emphasis on the selection of a suitable holster. I want to spend time sharing with you what I have learned and to coincidentally learn from you. Any thoughts?


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