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Hello! my name is Dave, some call me “Papa”, so I guess I could be “Papa Dave”.

I am a semi-retired professional with a forty plus year history as an avid gun owner and target shooter. I was approved for my first concealed carry permit in 1984 and I still carry today…everywhere, all the time, faithfully. If you see me, there is a weapon on my person, somewhere and normally it’s a 40 S&W M&P.

Full LG photoalbum to date 001But I’ve got a problem, no it’s not what you think…I really am not that paranoid…I’m simply prepared. My problem is this dresser drawer at home. You see, this drawer is full of hundreds of dollars worth of holsters… leather, kydex, plastic, polymer, nylon…shoulder, hip, pocket…with straps/without straps…for 9mm, 40 S&W, 45, 9mm Makarov, 25, etc. Some of those holsters haven’t seen a weapon in a decade, perhaps longer, yet each one represents good hard earned cash spent to add “the newest and best of the latest”… whatever that was at the time. Truth be told, when I purchased each one, surely it was going to be THE holster to solve all of my perceived “problems”.

Today, I no longer buy just to suit my fancy. Between my greying hair and improved skill at arms, I’ve learned to narrow down many of the accessories I used to think were essential. The issue for me was I never really realized that the ultimate purpose for which I carried my weapon should be the guiding principle upon I could base all of my decisions as to what accessories I’d purchase to use with my weapon. Know this for sure, I have spent much more money over the years on accessories for guns, then on guns themselves… you don’t want me to repeat that do you? Biggest drawback with that is, you can often re-sell a weapon at, or close to, it’s original cost…heck, hold onto it for five or six years and you might even turn a profit…but not so with the accessories. I have found with them, it’s like buying a new car, once you take it off the showroom floor, the value depreciates considerably. Of course, there are a few exceptions, just as with cars, but most of us are not traveling in those circles.

So, I see the problem and to me there is a solution and I want to share it with others. Now I don’t know if there is a 100% solution but I do know that it’s possible to minimize the financial damage. How? By making the effort to more clearly identify what you want to accomplish, thereby helping you to identify what “tool” you best need for the “job” you want to do. Actually, if you choose right you can buy better equipment the first time.

This is one way to do it!
This is one way to do it!

Face it, the “gun sack” being carried by the gent on the left will indeed function to transport a weapon from point A to point B; however, the weaknesses of the carry method are blatantly obvious to everyone and they certainly will not be missed by the vast majority of law enforcement. You could spend an entire day identifying yourself to every uniformed police officer you might encounter, maybe even a number of plain-clothes cops. In the vast majority of states the law relates to a “concealed carry permit”, with the emphasis on “concealed”.

The factors which relate to holster selection are many and need to be addressed. To name just a few:

  • Position of Carry: Right, Left, Abdomen, Ankle, Thigh, Under Arm
  • In the Waistband (IWB), On the Waistband (OWB), Small of the Back (SOB)
  • Shoulder, Crossdraw, Belly Band, Pocket
  • Materials: leather, nylon, polyester, thermoplastic (kydex), polymer, elastic, etc.

Lots of things to consider, so let’s get to it. Again, I’m PapaDave and if I can ever be of any assistance you can contact me at the email address below, leave me a comment or reach me through my profile page at WealthyAffiliate.com (here is a link to my Profile)


Papa Dave

Founder of Carry Holsters 4 Professionals

email: PapaDave@allcarryholsters.com

N.B. For those of you who are “professionals”, I ask your indulgence. If you find something I suggest to be blatantly incorrect, please send me a note to that affect; if however, it is merely a matter of opinion, you know: “you say tamayto and I say tomato” well, we can just agree to disagree.



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great site, Dave. A whole lot of info on a whole lot of pages. I carry a S&W 40 M&P as well and have narrowed my cabinet down to just three holsters-a shoulder holster, a belt loop holster and an IWB. Will check back for future posts. J

    1. Thanks James for commenting. The S&W M&P 40 is a real champ. I have the full size Pro Series for “special” days, with the 357 sig extra barrel I’ve yet to take to the range. I mainly carry the compact. Not sure why I do it that way since I frequently have the full size magazine in the compact. Being large, as I mention in the newest post on “fat guys”, I never felt I could comfortably and effectively utilize the shoulder rig without compromising either speed or access; hence, I moved it along with another S&W I had. These days I pretty much use the DeSantis Sof-Tuck at 4 o’clock and wear a light sweater vest during most of the year. Truth be told, when an “old, fat guy” wears a sweater, even on warmer days people don’t think much of it. My mother used to say after you’re 60 nobody notices you anyway. Go figure. Any way, thanks for commenting.

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