Will You Actually Carry?

This is important for so many reasons. Here are a few “famous” quotes often heard around the concealed carry community:

  • Any gun will do, if you will do (Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight)
  • The 22 in your pocket is more valuable than the 45 at home on the nightstand.
  • Any gun is better than no gun.
  • If you are ever in a circumstance where you need a gun, only a gun will do.

Will you be carrying every day? Everywhere? If you need to go to the convenience store at 10:30 PM, will you be carrying? How about the convenience store at 7:20 AM? Obviously there are a few places a carry permit does not legally suffice…schools, courthouses, federal buildings, etc. But other than these, are you committed to carrying a weapon?

A personal note. I figure since the bad guys never call ahead to say when and where they’re coming, I decided years ago that just as I carry a spare tire for a possible flat Flat_Tire(which I haven’t had it about 20 years and for which I pay an auto club to change anyway), I was ALWAYS going to be ready to meet the challenge of running into the bad guy. Does this change my life…put some limits on me? Yep!!! I don’t go places where I think it is more likely the bad guys will show up…especially courthouses (they’re always going there) and anymore I avoid schools too (they’ve been showing up there way too often).

Anyway, I enjoy a nice cold beer sometimes but I don’t enjoy one when I am out since I always have a weapon on me. Even when I enjoy one at home, I don’t get blitzed because I carry in my home as well. Do you think the bad guy is going to wait after he’s bashed in my front door while I “waddle” to the bedroom to get my gun…I don’t think so either; hence, my gun is where I is. Yep, in church as well. Yep, in the bathroom. Nope, I keep it outside the shower (but usually my wife is standing by with her’s close).

Am I paranoid? Maybe, but I prefer to think I am just committed and prepared to not being easy prey to the whims and fancies of those who would choose to catch me unaware. So, the question still stands? Will you carry? When and where will you carry?

Wearing a gun when you are all decked out with a suit and tie is a lot easier than strapping one on wearing cutoffs and floppies. How much will your wardrobe effect the weapon you intend to carry? Or said another way, how much will carrying your weapon affect your wardrobe? Fact is, wardrobe affects our carry weapons. So the question is, how many different types of wardrobes do you have? I am what would be considered a pretty conservative dresser…professional suit and ties all my adult life, can’t actually remember the last time I wore shorts…certainly never anything less than a casual shirt. So for me I always have enough clothes on to provide cover…what about you?

poonana26Permit me to be frank, wearing…accommodating a weapon sometimes, some days is a real PITA but truth be told, even though I pay an auto club to change my tire, I still carry a spare because I may not want to wait till they get there. I have a cellphone on me all the time but I may not have the luxury of time to wait for the police if and when the bad guy shows up…so I bring along my gun all the time!

I know I have some pretty firm opinions relating to this subject matter, what are your thoughts?




6 thoughts on “Will You Actually Carry?

  1. I agree that there are many good reasons to carry concealed. However, as you point out, it does change your lifestyle. This is particularly evident when deciding what to wear. In my personal opinion, comfort should be a priority when selecting a weapon for concealed carry. If the weapon is bulky and uncomfortable to wear, you’ll probably leave it at home. That’s why I believe that smaller weapons, like the Kel-tec P-3AT or the Ruger LCP 380, are a great choice. Like a spare tire, which is usually smaller than a normal tire, smaller weapons are there when you need them.

    1. I can see why you would think that; however, I carry a S&W M&P 40c in my pocket when not on my hip, like today when it was warm where I live. I use a DeDantis Sof-Tuck holster with the belt clip removed. It carries 12 rounds and I carry an extra full-size magazine with 15 in a horizontal knife case on my belt. I was not uncomfortable at all. I do have to position it when I drive but that’s about it. I find the disadvantages of the smaller weapons…all of which I have owned and sold, to far outweigh their comfort advantages…in my opinion.

      1. You’re right about the disadvantages. The greatest drawback of the Kel-tec P-3AT is the capacity of only 6 +1 rounds. In addition, the .380 round doesn’t have much stopping power. I guess that it all depends on what you can comfortably carry.

        1. The reason I recommended the training program I did was because of some of the very interesting facts that he presents, which I believe, actual shooting events have proved to be true. Other than a direct heart or central nervous system shot, no handgun has the ability to really stop in his tracks an angry, drugged, fiercely determined man. That being the case, number of available rounds becomes critical and the ability of the shooter to bring the weapon back on target after each round is fired. One of the weakest aspects of the small, light-weight higher caliber weapon (the little .380) is recoil, which negatively affects bringing the weapon back to target. I have a Polish Radom P-64 9×18 Makarov (the “Polish Walther PPK” – 007 James Bond gun – search P-64 for the website) that is all steel, the round is between the .380 and the 9mm Luger BUT since the weapon is all steel it has a weight that makes recoil more manageable, unlike in my opinion, the Kel-tec P-3AT or the Ruger…now the trigger is another thing. For me, I’d rather the discomfort, which I rarely notice, then not trusting the weapon’s (or my use of the weapon’s) deployment under duress. Have a great weekend!

  2. As to my comments on The Complete Concealed Carry CD set. I noticed my review on Amazon is no longer there. If you are interested in my complete review, send an e-mail. I kept a copy including some of the follow up comments. The author later agreed in an e-mail to make changes to his CD’s. Don’t know if he did. Maybe the copy you reviewed was different.

    1. Can’t imagine he produced more than one version, especially being how long it was; hence, I suspect we viewed the same program. As I mentioned in my review I wouldn’t expect two people to agree completely on the vast volume of topics the author covers…I’m comfortable with others having differing opinions, especially since I am convinced there are no errors of any significance in his presentation…only perhaps in the area of one opinion vs another. I wish you the best! Papa Dave

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